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Sep. 21st, 2013 05:18 pm
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❝ Uh, er ... hello there! Is this thing on? Er, ah, yes, so it looks like I missed your call ... just leave a message, I'll be sure to call you back in a jiffy! ❞

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name ➛ Benjamin O'Callaghan
nickname ➛ Ben
age ➛ 17
birthday ➛ 7/9 (Cancer)
gender ➛ Male
height ➛ 6'1"
weight ➛ 187 lbs
blood type ➛ A
sexuality ➛ Heterosexual
eyes ➛ Green
hair ➛ Red
education ➛ Bachelors degree
religion ➛ Catholic
country of origin ➛ Ireland
hobbies ➛ Horror manga/movies, learning new languages
family ➛ Mother, father, younger sister (Anna)


Ben is possibly one of the sweetest, most honest boys you will ever meet. Ben has been lucky enough to live his life without many hardships or problems, and so while he is cheerful enough, he is also somewhat oblivious to the problems of others. Although he is a genius, he is lacking in the social department. He has no problem talking to strangers or making conversation thanks to his parents business bringing in lots of tourists throughout his childhood – however, he has almost no real friends. Anything beyond a shallow acquaintanceship is unfamiliar to Ben. Because he climbed the educational ladder so quickly, he never had the chance to make any friends his age. Despite all this, Ben sees the best in people and is extremely optimistic and thoughtful when given the chance. However, he does have a bad tendency to correct others and take things very literally even in casual conversation (and even when speaking to his elders). He also has a tendency to ramble on and talk forever about anything and everything, but he sometimes forget to return the favor and listen to others. He is incredibly enthusiastic about learning new things, however, and if he had the time and money he would absolutely keep going back to school to earn new degrees for the rest of his life. He is an excellent student and has never failed a test.


(AU) Ben was raised at a tourist bed & breakfast inn on Earth by his loving parents and grew up happily with his younger sister. It was evident very early on that Ben was incredibly, almost abnormally intelligent, and he was able to graduate college at 16. Being one of the best and brightest his country had to offer, he was quickly picked up by Yagiri Pharmacy for an internship involving medicinal research, which is where he works today, helping with the research and exploration of other planets and the resources they may be able to provide.